❓ What is this game about? ❓

Break Time! It's a satirical corporate beat 'em up with a destructible environment!

🎯 What do I have to do? ðŸŽ¯

Enter the office dungeon, defeat the enemies drones, face the overlord, and demolish the corporate empire!  

This is the Beta version of our project.

🎮Controls ðŸŽ®

  • Left/right arrows to move (or A/D)
  • Up arrow to jump (or W/Space)
  • Left Mouse Button to punch (or Z)
  • Right  Mouse Button to interact: Open doors, heal at the water cooler, pick up items, throw held items (or X)

 We hope you enjoy our game!  

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📣Shout out to the team! 📣

MembersRole & Personal page 
Dylan Cragle 🦖 Tech Designer                                     
Eduardo Muro🎮 Lead Game Designer - Co programmer
Colleen Tulowitzki💝 Art Director, UI UX designer, co marketing buddies
Hamna Faisal📅 Producer, Marketing lead
Miguel Angelo🎧 Musician composer